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OOC: You what I really hate? - We didn't like you then, we'll probably like you less now. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Clerks: The Roleplaying Community

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OOC: You what I really hate? [Oct. 2nd, 2006|05:15 am]
Clerks: The Roleplaying Community
[Current Mood |pissed offpissed off]

Not getting credit for what you've done. Sometimes it's acceptable. If you ghostwrite a book, or maybe you write something for a friend. But even then you get atleast some credit. But, the worst, I think, is when you look around, minding your own business, and you found something you wrote or anything you've done, that was uploaded by someone else, and no credit whatsoever was given. Now THAT... straight out pisses me off. Don't you agree? I mean, even if it's something you did half of, I would think you would give -some- credit to the person other than yourself. If you made an icon and send it to someone, not saying, "Hey, it's yours. You were the one that made it, not I," but because they simply asked for it, and you find out that the person uploaded it, at say, a DeviantART account, you would expect atleast a little credit, right? Especially when you're not even told. And a little heads up, if you have no way of contacting the person who ACTUALLY did the work... Don't. Upload. DO NOT. UPLOAD. And don't you ESPECIALLY upload without giving credit.

I didn't think this was hard to understand. But apparently, to some people, who will be mentioned in a minute, it is. All of you are pretty cool people. Reasonable people, as well. So I never thought none of you would be guilty of this. But apparently I was wrong.

"What do you mean?" you ask? Well, while browsing through DeviantArt, I came upon a certain person's profile... http://pissimissi.deviantart.com/  PissiMissi. You all know her, right? She plays Megumi Sutherland, the local teenaged lolita here with the porn icons that has a "not so secret crush on Randal Graves." I have to admit, I was a wee bit curious, so I gave her profile a look. The overabundence of how much this girl thinks and writes about sex aside... I came upon three "Deviations" that sent me into instant anger. Two of them were forms of RP that, now unfortunately, I partook with her.

People. I don't really appreciate you guys taking either threads from the community, and/or RP interactions from Instant Messages, and uploading it as fanfiction. Without some credit, or in the VERY least you could gave given a link to the community itself. I don't find that very hard. Especially since, PissiMissi here... Gave credit to herself, and Kevin Smith. When it was I that filled in Randal's parts. I just find that disrespectful. Credit aside, I find you uploading this without even telling me a bit disrespectful. And as I said before, if you couldn't contact me, DON'T UPLOAD IT.


I wish I could check a copy of that RP to see if you, PissiMissi, had changed any of my parts. But quite frankly, I don't have a copy of that RP. I didn't save it, and didn't plan to. I'm sure it meant a lot to you, but it meant nothing to me. I had no problem pressing "X" on my IM window without saving it.  No matter how mad I got at seeing that, nothing got me more angry than what I saw next.

You all remember the fuck thread Randal and Megumi had, right? I'm sure you all were reading it. I did get several comments about it. What you all didn't know, and I'm sure PissiMissi didn't either, that by the end of that thread, all I wanted was for it to be over. Doing that shit once was enough for me. Why? Because it was dragging on and on and I was quickly running out of things to type other than, "Thrust. Thrust some more. Stiiill thrusting." In my experience here, writing a sex scene gets pretty boring after the forplay. Really. Boring. Especially when you're writing as a guy. I was thankful when it ended and had no intention of doing that shit again. And the way you roleplayed your part... Jesus, I felt like I was in an anime hentai. Which is BAD since Clerks is indeed, not an anime. Honestly? It just killed it for me. It was obviously better for you than it was for me. Then... I found it on your DA account.


Lucky. Fucking. Day. Again, no credit was given to me. Me, who, by the end, was basically grasping at straws at what to write, who actually STRUGGLED to not just give one worded replies that said, "Thrust." Your character of Megumi is credited. Kevin Smith is again credited. But he didn't write Randal's part, did he? Thank fuckin' God, because he'd probably wouldn't have that much patience as I gave you in that fuckin' thread. Literal at that last part. But, you know what really upset me? Comparing it to the thread, a few words on my part, mostly toward the end, were changed...

You FUCKIN'... Changed... What I FUCKIN' wrote. Even if it wasn't a lot, doesn't change the fact that you changed some of my words. So let's review, I don't get credit, the community wasn't linked, you uploaded it without my permission, and you changed some of my dialogue. You fuckin' whore. You write a paragraph about your character, but you don't link to the community. I should kick you out of the community and report you to DA right now. But, I am not done yet... Let's compare YOUR version of that RP thread to the ACTUAL thread, shall we?

She said: His tongue then licked alongside her inner walls for a bit, and after a few minutes of giving her serious oral, he lifted his head, dragging one of his hands to wipe his mouth a bit. He stood up, going into his pocket and ripping open a condom....

Something's missing here...

He said: His tongue then licked alongside her inner walls for a bit, and after a few minutes of giving her serious oral, he lifted his head, dragging one of his hands to wipe his mouth a bit. Like eating a fuckin' mango. He stood up, going into his pocket and ripping open a condom...

( I didn't really see this at first, I'm really mad at this part, however, as it was the biggest change in my opinion. )

She said: "I'm serious. Thanks, I came. I feel great, but uh... Not exactly planning a sleep over or anything like that." He gave a shrug, "You were good, though. Have to say you were better than any other girl I've fucked.... Ever."

He said: "I'm serious. Thanks, I cummed. I feel very centered, but uh... Not exactly planning a sleep over or anything like that." He gave a shrug, "You were good, though. Have to say you got wetter than any other girl I've fucked.... Ever." He smirked a bit, "Like a juicer."

Why was I pissed at this? Because the fact that Megumi got "wetter than any other girl" was not the same as "better than any other girl." Also, I see you left out that "Like a juicer" part. Probably because that was my subtle way of making fun of you, and your RP sex skills. I mean, seriously, I watch a lot of porn, and I have never seen or heard of a girl getting as wet as you portrayed Megumi to be. Other than, ofcourse, anime hentai. And for all of you who doubt me, let's go through that thread again and see when Megumi here mentions her "juices."

Feeling his hand on the back of her head made her immediately wet...
Making her wet by only touching the back of her head! Wow!

...she was very wet, her juices soaking her panties...

Juices dribbled from her hungry cunt and down her thighs...

...yet her hungry cunt was getting wetter with need, aching to be filled...

...her juices exploding from her pink cunt soaking her hand and her legs...

Juices... exploding...from her cunt... soaking her hand... And her legs. I called you the Juicer just for that, really. And when I told others that read the thing... They agreed. I'd joke about it all the time. Hell, if Randal had went for another go, I'm pretty sure that Megumi's juices would have drown them all. Heaven forbid if Randal went down on her for too long and drown there. I don't care if you model the Megumi character after anime hentai, CLERKS IS LIVE ACTION. If this were a "Clerks: The Animated Series" MAYBE, but it is not.  You'd think I'd be done with this post, wouldn't you? But no. I am not. Because you uploaded this: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/38197546/?qo=24&q=by%3Apissimissi&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps

A JEFF ANDERSON/RANDAL GRAVES ANIMATED ICON THAT I MADE WITH ADOBE IMAGE READY! You literally did NOTHING for this. NOTHING AT ALL. I remember this. I had said I made some Jeff/Randal animated .gifs and you asked to see them. So what did I do? I sent them over AIM. But did I tell you to upload it on your DA to take credit? NO. You fuckin' whore. And do I get a credit? NO. Oh no, all I did was import the video clip, go to that part of the video, tweak the speed and save it, that's all. You did NOTHING. NOOOTHINGG. I was sort of mad that you took my Randal "destiny" icon from LJ, but atleast you credited me there. But this? No such credit.

It's funny... Because I like to think I have been tolerable to you. I got comments about your porn icons, I told you to tone it down a bit, but then you ended up putting porn icons anyway. The Myra Hotchkiss that went MIA, who I spoke to a lot on AIM kept insisting I kick you out of the community, and even said some comments against your Megumi character, I defended you, and said you'd be an interesting mix to the RP. The things I really felt, when you had IM'ed me practically everyday and wouldn't shut up, I tried to keep my mouth shut, and that was why I didn't come out and say, "Your sex RP'ing is the worse I have seen and just kills it for me," because really, I hate making others feel bad. I do. Even when, in one of the recent threads, and it still sends me into this "WTF?!" state, Megumi sees Randal chatting it up with Cassie. Megumi gets jealous. But instead of going all over Randal, she frenches Cassie, who, in IM, was NOT feeling it. AT ALL. I... do NOT... See the reasoning behind that. Do you lack logic and reasoning? Really? But, I didn't go outright and say, "WTF ARE YOU DOING?! WTF IS THAT?! WE ALREADY KNOW YOUR CHARACTER IS SLUTTY." No, no. I put Randal saying whether the girl had school to go to. And what do you do? You put Megumi crying. Let me tell you something. When asked, "Don't you have school to go to?" I don't cry. I ANSWER YES OR NO. Then what happened? Evvveryone turned on Randal. I REALLY didn't appreciate that in the least. But I kept my mouth shut and just ran with it. I was okay with it. Annoyed, but okay with it. But enough is enough. Not when I fuckin' find this out.

You may be asking WHY I decided to post this to the community and not just deal with IM. Well, from my understanding, if you do recieve an IM that's not positive towards you, you will not reply, not putting the person on block, but just letting the IM sit there, and have one of your older FRIENDS deal with the person that sends the IM. Also, because I want everyone in this community that's been soooo nice to you, to know why I'm so fuckin' pissed with you right now. And show that I have been tolerable to you, and I'm sort of curious of whatever lame excuse you have for me. Also, to say, I'm pretty much ready to kick you out of this community and the RPG. And also about ready to report you to DA about these three "Deviations" that you stole. Yes, you stole. You stole from me and stole from this community. I won't tolerate this. I don't care if what I just wrote makes you "cry" and it "hurts." I just don't care. If it were a friend who did this, I might have looked the other way and ask for credit, but that's the thing...

We're not friends, and I'm glad we aren't.

Now, if others feel like I'm being unfair, resent me for doing this and feel I'm being an all-around asshole about this and that PissiMissi DOESN'T deserve this?

Leave. I really don't care. I could close this community down and I wouldn't care.

Your admin,
Randal Graves.

[User Picture]From: nofate301
2006-10-02 12:59 pm (UTC)

just wow.
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