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We didn't like you then, we'll probably like you less now.

Clerks: The Roleplaying Community
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Anybody , Moderated

The great Randal Graves here. ...What? You think DANTE would be in charge of this? All he does is whine about him not suppose to be here everyday. Let's face it, in a ruling class, I rule. Well, as you can tell, this is a Clerks, written and directed by Kevin Smith therefore all rights go to him, RPG. I'm very disappointed that I haven't seen any Clerks RPG out there. You all seriously suck.

Let's get to the rules.

1. I rule. I moderate this shit. In the end? I get the last word.

2. Original characters are allowed. Just don't suck at it and make your characters interesting.

3. Dante is the biggest idiot in the world.

4. Characters from other Kevin Smith films are allowed. Aside from Dogma. Good movie, but come on. I don't want any crazy shit happening, like runaway Angels or naked apostles falling from the sky and all that.

5. Swearing is allowed. FUCK yes, I wouldn't have it any other way.

6. Dante is an idiot.

7. You have to know how to write. Your posts have to be atleast, ATLEAST four lines at best. No, fuck that, five lines. In paragraphs, even. No *thinks* or *walks* or anything like that.

8. I have to understand what the hell it is you're writing. Characters have to be truly in character.

9. Hermaphrodites are different and unique. Like snowflakes.

10. Romance is allowed, hell, you can even be sexual if you so desire. But, just incase we have some over-sensitive pussies in here, put a warning in the post title. Me, I'll be watching and reading every word.

11. When selling ciggarettes to a minor, remember, sometimes they DO enforce the law against it.

12. I rule.

13. No yaoi/slash. I ain't gay. And if I was gay? I wouldn't go after Dante. I love the pussy very much, thank you.

14. Character journal is neccessary.

15. To push away any confusion on when to start a new thread and all that... You may start a new thread if:
A.) It's a new day in the RP.
B.) It's in a new location. Ex: There's a current thread at Quickstop, if you want your character to go to RST, make a new thread.
C.) You want your character to interact exclusively to one other. Aka. Tagging someone.
And there you go.


Randal Graves - xrandalgravesx

Dante Hicks - dantehix

Jay and Silent Bob -
Becky Scott - rebecca_scott

Elias Grover - ____

Veronica - veronica_37

Myra Hotchkiss - myra_hotchkiss

Beyond this characters list is anyone's guest.


Ameilia "Mia" Roberts - xxmiaxrocksxx

Cassandra "Cassie" Greene - cassie_greene

Plot: Takes place after the second movie. Dante and Randal are now owners of the Quick Stop and RST Video, respectively. Dante is to be a father and a husband to Becky, and Elias... Well. Hopefully he can find a Pillow Pants-free girl. And accept the fact that Lord of the Rings was nothing but a movie about fuckin' walking. EVEN THE TREES FUCKIN' WALKED IN THAT MOVIE. Post your application at the community, I'll give it a read and cast judgement on ye.

Canon Application


Reason you want this character:

How awesome is Randal?:

RP Sample: ( atleast a paragraph )

Original Character Application




Portrayed by ( As in what celebrity or who your character looks like, NOT who's RP'ing them ):



How awesome is Randal?:

RP Sample: ( atleast a paragraph )

That is all.